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Our Daily Purpose Book

Our Daily Purpose Book

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Our Daily Purpose book is a tool that can be used to elevate emotional frequency. The book is simple to read and relatable to all who dare to take action. There is a strong connection between the way you think, feel and act and we know this book will help you improve in all those areas.

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Customer Reviews

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Deep and Meaningful

This book offers so many beautiful prompts to add to your life.
I can honestly feel the love and positive energy that was poured into this book! So grateful for everything I'm learning from it, it's simple and easy to understand. It's now a part of my daily routine to just flip to a random page and read whatever it lands on!
Thank you for creating this gem!

Such a powerful tool to anchor you into the moment!

Absolutely love this book! It is such a powerful tool that helps me sink into the moment when I notice my mind racing. The easy to absorb, short yet impactful messages helps guide my day or week and supports me in finding gratitude in my life. Amazing work ODP team!

Ryan Linton
A step forward in the right direction

Beautiful and simple read that I can continuously come back to, to recentre my focus towards what’s most meaningful/important in my life and what will allow me to experience the most well being in my life


Loved this book / still love it. It’s easy to flick through the pages and find what resonates with you on that day and at that time. Some pages open your mind to new thoughts and others can help you see through the noise. The artwork is also amazing!

Scott Mcintosh
I love this book

This book was super easy to read and gave me such a good feeling about each day I found it so easy and it really inspired me. Coooool drawings too